Earn Crypto by Sharing bandwidth

Earn Crypto by Sharing bandwidth

In this article we will lear how to earn crypto currency while you sleep and by only sharing your bandwidth without having to invest absolutely $0 (for three months at least).

I will be using Google cloud platform where I was provided with $300 for 90 days

Follow this link to learn how to create a VM on GCP

First we will create an account on the link Then complete the email verification and login using the username and password.

Go to mystnodes.com, scroll down to where you can choose the OS which will be used, then click on it. I will be using Debian 10 in this walkthrough

You will be redirected to another instruction page as below:

Now we will use the following commands to install the MystNode:

sudo apt install software-properties-common

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mysteriumnetwork/node

sudo apt update

sudo apt install myst -y

Accept the Terms & Conditions and after installation test it with the following commands:

systemctl status mysterium-node

If everything is OK, click on Claim node on the browser. You will notice that it will try to locate the node automatically but it will fail as our node is on the cloud and therefore you should clock on Claim manually

Then go to you http://nodeip:4449 to open the NodeUI.

The steps are self explanatory. You will need to deposit some Myst tokens or wait when the free registration is available.

Registration is successful when the following screen appears, this is the dashboard. Now we should wait for traffic to go through our server to receive our MYST Tokens